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09/24/2019 - Nydia M L
Bought a home in 2019 in Greenfield, WI 53220-3845

“Mrs. Reed has 5 years of experience as a realtor. I appreciate her work. She still was learning the nuisances of the profession. The purpose of these comments is to help she improves her skills. I have worked with Mrs. Reed for several settings/situations: Year 2017: I meet her when I was looking houses for fun & to see how is the market. She made an outstanding analysis of the value of my duplex, so I can made decisions of refinance or sell it. 11-2-2018: It was the closing of my son buying a small house. My son and I facilitate her properties we want to see in order my son buy a house. She provided to my son good resources such as: home warranty, inspector, suggestions for other services, and inspecting the properties we saw in a weekend. She was easily accessible to our needs. She was not knowledgeable about the first buyer grants/loans; it was a good learning experience for her. At times she forgets she represents the buyer, not the seller... the bank and we remind her. Overall, was a nice experience. 8-30-2019: It was the closing of my condo. Before finding this property Mrs. Reed was outstanding and accessible to see a variety of properties, because my purpose was to downsize & have fewer expenses. It was a nightmare experience due to the following factors: Everything changes the day of the offer of the condo, as Mrs. Reed has a personal situation (sudden death of a relative & health issues after this incident). Mrs. Reed relied in her associate, Mr. Ted Uribe, to help me in the process meanwhile she is dealing with her personal affairs. Both said: * USBank is the worst to make transaction, because they always are delay... they don't want clients working with this bank... they gave me a reference that in 2 years they have 4 delays... Note: FYI, statistically this is not significant. My experience is the opposite, Mrs Yanet Rivera, USBank loan originator has been competent providing excellent orientation of my son & I, working as fast as possible knowing the nuisances of the profession, & trying to ensure my legal rights. Mr. Uribe needs improvement in many areas: *He tried to influence I bought something fast previous I choose this condo. *He was not aware about the duties of been update to represent me when the last inspection & the closing of my duplex. *Once I choose this condo, he wants me I changed the financial institution that I submitted all my documents (USBank), *He called the bank & had harsh conversations with the loan originator, Mrs Yanet Rivera, *He attempt to know more about loan procedures questioning why she was asking for many condo documents & if Mrs. Rivera do her job on time, *He refuse to write amendments, instead he made deals using phone calls, emails or text messages instead of the legal amendments, *He missed deadlines of appraisal amendment when this came below offer price, *I had to make suggestions and corrections some amendments as they sound/read confuse, *He influenced Mrs. Reed, calling her when she was confused & worried. Mrs. Reed made also poor decisions: *She had harsh conversations with USBank loan originator, Mrs. Rivera (when she meets her before when my son bought his house). *She wrote the appraisal, she wrote/replied harsh email to the bank management. *During my frustration I requested to Mrs. Reed to close the condo deal, & to cancel the realtor/buyer deal. Mrs. Reed was willing to intermediately cancel the condo deal & started to prepare the documents, BUT was unwilling to cancel the realtor/buyer deal & make the excuse she could not find the document (when I know that without the document I should pay her commission if I buy a property with another realtor if I buy a property during the period of the contract). *Because the lack of on time amendments, I had to pay $3,000 extra (134,000 accepted offer - 131,000 appraisal = $3,000) because if I dropped the offer, I will lose more of $1,500 (invested money from earnest, inspection, appraisal). I had to remind her about many procedures that could impact me legally if the seller wants to sue me. *Mrs. Reed made statements to favor, excuse or justified the seller's behavior, like "the seller cannot negotiate $3,000 or even $1,500 of the difference with the low appraisal, because she will not had free money for her, or maybe she had other debts" (then the seller had at closing time $49,000 free money). *At closing, Mrs. Reed forget to ask the seller for proof of fixing electricity, I have to remind her several times (via text messages) for it. *At closing, she also gave me a card with $100 cash (as a gift)... maybe cause she knew I lost $3,000 (NOTE: When my son has his closing she sent a card but no gift card or money... very weird). Conclusion: 1. All these nuisances gave me a lot of stress due to: *My transition of selling the duplex on 7-31-19, placing my things in storage, moving temporary to my son's house. *I was doing the duties of my realtors. *I was a mediator between the bank & the realtors. *I lost $3,000 due to poor negotiation skills of not writing the amendments on time & not following my suggestions that in order to reduce the $3,000 the seller lost $1,500 & I paid an additional $1,500. 2. FYI, I paid it to avoid to lose the money invested (earnest, inspection, appraisal) & a potential lawsuit technicality from the seller. I feel betray & force to buy the condo... I am not happy with the new place... bad starting, bad energy. 3. The verbal, text, & email exchanges made by Mrs. Reed & Mr. Uribe, placed me in an awkward situation & give me a poor image with the appraisal & the bank (this is the bank I have my accounts), because they represent me during all the transaction. I sent professional but strong emails individually to Mr. Uribe & Mrs. Reed to stop them with the unprofessional behavior. Therefore, they misrepresent me, but also First Weber. Thanks God I have more knowledge than the average client about real estate and mortgages, to a point that both the bank & these realtors suggested I should work with then. Suggestions: 1. I will like my $3,000 and/or more back (due to the stress)! I feel both side of the realtors of the condo transaction behave very greedy. Mrs. Reed received on commission approximately $9,500 ($13,500 on 7-31-19, selling my duplex + $6,000+ on 8-30-19, buying my condo... each commission was divide by 2 due to additional realtors)... this without counting the commission ($2,000+) she received from the house my son bought on 11-2-18. 2. Mrs. Reed & Mr. Uribe needs to IMPROVE the following: - Team work during excessive caseload & emergencies. - Social/professional skills during negotiation. - Avoid confusions, there is a huge difference working for the interest of the client when is the buyer, than when is the seller. I had been in both roles, the performance is better when the client is the seller. - Ability to write on time amendments favoring the client (buyer) not the seller. - Mr. Uribe needs to improve time/paper management & communication skills with client & other services. I am very sad & exhausted. I will not recommend their services, nor will I work with them. Sincerely, Nydia Lorenzana ”

4 stars Likely to Recommend

06/12/2019 - John S
Sold a home in 2019 in Delafield, WI 53018-3019

5 stars Highly Likely to Recommend

12/25/2018 - Justin W
Bought a home in 2018 in Conover, WI 54519

“The only realtor I want to work with. She is the best.”

5 stars Highly Likely to Recommend

09/12/2018 - Lee A W
Sold a home in 2018 in Pewaukee, WI 53072-6682

“we will absolutely use him again.”

5 stars Highly Likely to Recommend

12/21/2017 - Alexander M S
Sold a home in 2017 in Milwaukee, WI 53221-4013

“Very easy to work with. He was very confident in his knowledge of the market and was able to direct us towards a higher pricing level while other Realtors seems to have a lower level of understanding of what the market was at the time. They were very helpful and always gave good direction and help with preparing the house for sale.”

5 stars Highly Likely to Recommend

11/16/2017 - Jesse V
Sold a home in 2017 in Milwaukee, WI 53204-3148

“We felt that Ted was very honest with us and he went out of his way to be helpful. It was a pleasure to work with him!”

5 stars Highly Likely to Recommend

10/11/2017 - Bruce M
Bought a home in 2017 in Milwaukee, WI 53220-1358

“Worked virgerously to stay on top of what needed to get done. Made the whole process easy and enjoyable.”

5 stars Highly Likely to Recommend

06/25/2017 - Vincent S
Bought a home in 2017 in Delafield, WI 53018-3349

“Excellent support in purchasing my home. Highly recommend!”

5 stars Highly Likely to Recommend

12/27/2016 - Edwin A T
Sold a home in 2016 in Milwaukee, WI 53219-3378

“Ted worked very hard to sell our home as it was not updated much in 30 years.”